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Cost of education

4 weeks

To start your new job


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How it works

Admission process

Apply and pass the 3-step admission process.

Fill the skill-gaps

A 4-week technical learning challenge to level up your skills.

Get matched and hired

Get matched and hired with a company that will invest in you.

Accelerate your career

Start your new role and make the switch in your life.

tuition-free education

Companies invest
in your future.

The Education Sponsorship Agreement (ESA) allows you to take the next step in your career at no cost to you. You’ll match with a company willing to hire you and sponsor your education, so you can learn all the skills you need for your new job. All we ask of you? Commit to two years on the job. This way, everybody wins.

Job-driven education

Get the skills you
need to succeed.

  • Learn online through workshops and on-demand lessons with our partners' platforms.
  • Acquire real-world work experience through hands-on practice and team projects.
  • 1:1 Mentorship with industry experts, work on your personal growth and develop new skills.
A rewarding career

Land your dream job and get a better salary.

Tech is a rewarding industry, in fact, most senior roles can reach salaries over six figures. The average salary for a Tech Engineer in Europe is €59,000, in the UK is £48,000 and in the US is $76,000, according to Glassdoor (2021). Switch Academy will guide and help you develop new skills to get your dream job and start earning a higher salary.

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Discover our career paths

Discover our
career paths

For all levels
Start your career

Start from scratch your tech career as an Entry-level or Associate role.

  • Intern
  • Entry Level
  • Associate
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Grow your career

Grow your tech career to get to Junior and Mid-Level roles.

  • Junior
  • Specialist
  • Mid-level
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Scale your career

Scale your career from Mid-level to get to Senior, Architect and Lead.

  • Senior
  • Architect
  • Lead
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Learn in-demand skills

Discover our tech programs

Discover our
tech programs

Network Engineering

Design, implement and maintain any-kind of network infrastructure.

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System Engineering

Design, implement and manage IT systems to run applications.

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Cloud Engineering

Design, implement and maintain hybrid and public cloud solutions.

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DevOps Engineering

Bridge the gap between Dev and Ops with automation and pipelines.

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Site Reliability

Maintain important, revenue-critical systems up and running.

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Network Development

Develop code to automate and improve networking activities.

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Switch Academy exists to empower people with guidance, education and career paths
more accessible for everyone.

Switch Academy exists to empower people with guidance, education and career paths more accessible for everyone.

The switchers

Join our inclusive

Expand your network and make new friends! You'll be part of a diverse and inclusive community of future leaders that are passionate about technology, just like you. Beyond learning, you will get access to events, gaming nights, and many other fun activities.

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Ready to
Switch Your Life?

Ready to Switch Your Life?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to join Switch Academy?

To join Switch Academy we look for candidates with the following characteristics:

1. Passionate
Passion is the key to success, and it's an essential element that enables people to grow in the industry. If you're not passionate about tech, this probably isn't a career path for you.

2. Committed
It's challenging to be successful without hard work and dedication. To succeed at Switch Academy, you must be committed to the training and your future job at the sponsor company for at least two years.

3. Curious
Successful professionals never stop learning and consistently seek to improve themselves and the company they work for. When you’re curious, you’re open to learning new things and switch mindset from limiting beliefs.

4. Ambitious
Ambition is a synonym for growth. Without an ambitious mindset, you will never become a leader within your field; this fuels the desire and willingness to think big and strive for higher goals.

How does the admission process work?

To be eligible for Switch Academy, you need to:

a. Live in Europe or North America
b. Be 18+ years old
c. Have a computer, webcam and internet access

The admission process consists of 3 tests:

1. Online interview
We will get to know you through a web call interview. In this interview, we will learn what motivates your interest in joining Switch Academy, and your career aspirations.

2. Cognitive aptitude test
This test measures your ability of problem-solving, critical thinking and spatial reasoning. The score of this test is only one of many factors a company will consider when making its hiring decision.

3. Technical learning challenge
A 4-week pre-course through online video lessons. You will learn about a specific topic from the selected learning path, and then we will test your learning through a technical assessment.

How does the match process with a company work?

Once you complete the admission process successfully, we're going to match your profile with companies looking to hire talent and sponsor their tuition; if you are interested in the opportunity, you can accept the match and then the company will request one or more interviews. If you're successful, they will make an offer to hire you and sponsor your education to improve your skills in the first 3 to 6 months of work.

What is an ESA, and how does the free-tuition work?

Education Sponsorship Agreement (ESA) is an innovative contract that makes it possible for you to advance your career by getting a new job and training to improve your skills. A company will hire you and sponsor your tuition. All it's required from you is your commitment:

1. To follow the training and put in the hours required.
2. To join the sponsor company as an employee.
3. To work for at least two years at the sponsor company.

If you do not honor the commitment for any given reason, thus not following the training or leaving the job, you'll be responsible for covering the tuition costs*.

*The tuition costs range between:
a. £6.500 and £11.500 for the UK
b. €7.500 and €12.500 for Europe
c. $8.500 and $13.500 for the US

All the costs mentioned are Tax/Vat excluded, and the costs range depending on the sponsor company, country and skills to develop. Withdrawal exceptions will be evaluated case by case (e.g. exceptional health issues).

What is the class schedule and how does the training work?

The training starts with a 4-week acceleration program at the start of your new job and then follows with a weekly training (4-8 hours) for 3 to 6 months. The training is customized based on the technical and human skills you need to improve/acquire to succeed at your new job.